Save time and money

We brought together the best manufacturers from raw material to finished goods and simplified the entire supply chain so you get quality products, without any middlemen markups.

Find the best prices and factories instantly

TMRWD Health identifies the best factories to produce your order, based on your targets for price, quality, lead time, specifications, geography, and more.

Get personalized insight into each factory's performance, certifications, and capabilities, to reduce risks with your order.

More About Sourcing

TMRWD raises the bar for quality standards

Manufacturing Experts
Our team of experts in medical product manufacturing and supply chain ensure quality standards are met.
End-to-End Oversight
Testing results from raw material to finished product is tracked in real-time and accessible via Trust ID.
Global Quality Standards
Products and factories are inspected and tested by trusted global quality control partners like SGS and Intertek.

Quality is standardized across factories within our network

Starting from meltblown nonwoven raw material all the way to finished products, Healthy publishes the quality standards that every factory in the network adheres to.

Our standards are open and use industry best practices, including American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) inspections.

More About Production

Easily buy medical products online

Get exactly what you need
Speed up your quoting process by leveraging detailed specifications and real-time pricing data on TMRWD.
See real factory pricing
Compare apples to apples as top manufacturers submit their quotes to you within 24 hours.
Purchase with confidence
Receive invoices through TMRWD and easily pay for only the products you authorize and approve of.

Save time with multi manufacturer orders

With TMRWD, your orders are automatically split into POs for each relevant manufacturer, so you can go into production more quickly.

Structure your orders according to your needs, and TMRWD automatically does the rest.

More About Purchasing

Payment security you can trust

Secure online payments
TMRWD uses's secure payment infrastructure to route your payments to manufacturers, using your preferred CC,
ACH transfer
Connect your bank account to TMRWD to process manufacturer payments securely through the platform and avoid CC fees.
Billing contacts
Export invoices to PDF for your records, and automatically email PDFs and payment receipts to your accounting department.

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Save time and money

Get access to the world's most reliable factory network

TMRWD Health is the all-in-one platform that helps you find and collaborate with vetted healthcare suppliers.

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